I have worked with Bill for over seven years and have successfully avoided any injury over that period. The back pain that previously made me feel old and un-athletic is almost entirely gone.To me, fitness combines diet, interval training and strength training. Consistently eating right and training for health and fitness is a life-long endeavor, and Bill Leavitt is by far the best trainer I’ve worked with.Bill not only understands the intricacies of the human body, he patiently explains them until I am “sold” on his workout methods. In addition, he is a great source of information on diet and health issues. But the best thing about Bill is he brings his expertise to my house three times a week, which keeps me on the program!
-Tedd Potts

I like in home physical training because it is a convenient way to meet my weekly work out objectives. Two to three sessions per week with the trainer plus regular cardiovascular workouts on my own in my home fitness area keep me in good physical shape without the hassle of getting to a gym or workout facility. The convenience and time savings far outweigh the small investment in equipment and space required.
-John Mitchell

I began working out with Bill Leavitt at the suggestion of my doctor. At 70, my balance and strength had deteriorated. I work out with Bill twice a week. Having an exercise room in my building makes it easy and pleasant for my trainer to come to me. Balance and energy levels have increased tremendously as has my overall strength. Also, I no longer need a cane and have gained confidence in all I do.               -Patricia Bowers

I like personal training because it makes me accountable. Someone knows if I don’t show up! Bill always makes me feel like I am capable of doing whatever he asks me to do.
-Bentley Klingensmith