Fitness Links

Check out a few of these friends of mine who are on the same page:

Resistance Training Specialist
The Resistance Training Specialist courses are truly the only certifications in the exercise industry that teach the student to actually think. Of the hundreds of emabrrassing mail-in and mail order personal training certifications available, RTS is in a league of it’s own. Even those who have Master’s Degrees in Exercise Science are stunned to find out what these courses provide and what they missed out on in college. The courses developed and offered by Tom Purvis focus on Biomechanics as applied to exercise, offer hands on cadaver anatomy labs around the country, and are ever evolving. In the exercise industry RTS is considered to be the most complete certification available.
Muscle Activation Techniques
The current leader in ‘thought based’ therapuetic rehabilitation. Where traditional rehab is constantly focused on treating the symptom and following standardized protocol, MAT analyzes the body from a mechanical standpoint identifying the true cause of pain, joint limitation, and muscular compensation.
Fitness First
International Fitness equipment supply company, with the best prices, quality, and customer service in the industry. Located right here in Kansas City.
A Comfortable Soul
Dr. Kathryn Woodall
My colleague and friend Kathryn Woodall has gone above and beyond that required of a Chiropractor incorporating Accupuncture and Herbology into her textbook of knowledge. I have yet to meet anyone, including myself, who spends as much time as she does in the pursuit of knowledge.