Fitness Center Consulting

Fitness Center Design and Consultation

Nothing attracts potential members and satisfies existing members like a state of the art fitness center. In today’s market, the purchase of a country club membership can hinge as much on whether the club provides a fitness center as it does on the quality of the golf course. Having a fitness center on site not only adds convenience and value to the member’s experience but also becomes an integral part of the strategy for success in the private club business.

Once budget considerations are established, THE most important aspect to consider is equipment selection. Selecting the wrong equipment will not only anger members, but could end up creating greater expense in terms of reliability, maintenance and repair. Approaching a fitness equipment store is a biased opinion shopping adventure. Just as you would not furnish your entire house from one location nor should you choose exercise equipment from one store. There are considerable differences in equipment and there is still not one single company that offers a complete or consistent line. The point to consider is that these people are salesman, not exercise enthusiasts. They have incentives, commissions and quotas to meet and sell equipment they need to move or make the most commission on. To hire a consultant is not only receiving an unbiased opinion on equipment, but also valuable information drawing on years of professional experience in the industry.

Bill Leavitt with over sixteen years of full-time experience in the fitness industry, will serve as your project consultant, and see to its successful fruition. He currently owns Fitness Alliance, a private fitness instruction business and serves as a consultant to Fitness First, an international distributor of fitness equipment located in Kansas City. In addition, Bill attends numerous national club industry conventions, and has considerable experience consulting for many home-gyms throughout the city. References and recommendations can be furnished upon request.

Fitness Instruction Services

Having a Fitness Facility with top of the line equipment will attract and impress potential members, yet quality of the staff and services offered will determine its long-term success. The following services are some to consider.

Personal Training

Trainers must be qualified in terms of experience and education. Many ‘gyms’ throughout the city offer personal training yet it is estimated less that ten percent are actually qualified. Resistance training/weight training is invasive and should be treated as exercise prescription. Knowledge of human Biomechanics is imperative when assigning weight-training exercises. All trainers affiliated with Fitness Alliance have undergone specific courses aimed at teaching the Biomechanics of Resistance Training, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Yoga & Pilates

These two exercise modalities have become the buzzwords in the exercise industry in the past few years even though both have been around for over a hundred years and yoga for thousands! These two forms of exercise emphasize control, body awareness, and core strength. Flexibility, or range of motion training, definitely has its place in a well-rounded fitness regiment but the key is to have an instructor who again, has biomechanical knowledge of the body. Many private studios offer large classes where the instructor is unable to monitor each individual where care, caution, and personal analysis are warranted. We recommend that class size be limited so attention to detail may be given to offer the member the most effective and safe bodywork session possible.

Senior Exercise Instruction

Senior Citizens are by far the most enthusiastic population concerned with health and longevity. They have realized that the benefits of exercise go far beyond weight control but to the core of physiological health and overall well-being. Living a healthy, active, mobile, and pain-free lifestyle by adopting a consistent cardiovascular and weight training program is the most important commitment a senior citizen can make.

Sport Specific Training

Classes can be offered aimed specifically at gaining strength and flexibility for Golf, Tennis, Swimming, or any other sport where the athlete wants to improve one’s game. Most professional athletes now engage in regular resistance and flexibility training workouts.

Eating for Health and Longevity

Adopting healthy eating habits is imperative for optimal health. It is impossible to achieve fitness goals without consistency and dedication to proper food choices.

Fitness Personnel Staffing

Having a great facility with top of the line equipment is the most important factor in developing a successful and profitable fitness business. Secondly, placing experienced and qualified fitness instructors is an integral part to get the members involved and excited about the facility and what it has to offer. It has been shown that members who receive attention and advice from a personable and knowledgeable instructor are more likely to continue their membership, use the facility on a regular basis, and get results without injury.

Trainers affiliated with Fitness Alliance are not only the most qualified in terms of education and experience, but are personable, enthusiastic and passionate about a fit and active lifestyle. This charisma is attractive to your members and motivates them to be dedicated in their pursuit of health and longevity.

Equipment Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes fitness facilities make is not taking care of their equipment on a regular basis. For the amount of money spent, it is worth maintaining a regular schedule of maintenance for your investment. As the saying goes, “a little money now could save a major expense later.” This is definitely true for exercise equipment. Keeping treadmills free of dust and dirt, machines lubricated, and ensuring the safety of free weights is an inexpensive way to maintain and prevent enormous repair expenses down the road.

Service can be scheduled on a monthly basis for a minimal charge. Call for a complimentary quote of your facility.