Practice What You Teach

“Fitness is a lifestyle, not a living.”

I am dedicated to understanding the human body and sharing what I learn with others. Achieving the body I wanted took seven years of training, learning how to eat correctly, and dedicating the time to cook for myself. Yet even now I learn something almost daily that improves the way I think and make choices. I once heard someone say, regarding me and my chosen profession, “He doesn’t actually eat that way, it’s just a job.” Well, that is not the case. Obtaining and maintaining the body that you want is a lifestyle. Consistent exercise, responsible eating habits, quality rest and recouperation, that’s it in a nutshell. I would love to say that I eat perfectly all of the time but figure 90% of the time I eat the way my body was biologically designed to eat, the other 10% for enjoyment, and it seems to work.

Arm 174Ab 111 


Height: 6’0”

Weight: 182

Bodyfat: 4.8%

Pant Size: 32×32

Resting Heart Rate: 46

Blood Pressure: 118/78

As you can see from the pictures and statistics, aging does not mean that you have gain weight (fat), lose muscle mass, become weaker, less flexible, and get arthritis. Curiously enough, once I gave up regular consumption of dairy products, most grains, (especially corn & wheat), my post training pain disappeared, recouperation accelerated, and stress dissapeared. How about that government sponsored food pyramid?

The pictures below serve not as self gratification, (yet maybe a bit of advertising), but to compare an aging body at various stages of development. As you can see, being thin at an adult age of 21, (speedo aside!), does not mean that you have achieved your desireable and optimal frame. The key is not the number on the scale but the ratio of lean tissue mass to fat tissue mass, otherwise known as % bodyfat. Believe it or not I have clients in their mid-fifties and know plenty more in their sixties that possess sub 10% bodyfat. Recognition and daily practice of the three areas stated above is the enitre key.


Age: 31

Bodyfat: 3.8%

Weight: 188

31 yrsBill 31 yrs arm



Age: 26
Bodyfat: 7.5%
Weight: 175
Bill 26 yrs
Age: 21
Bodyfat: 14.6%
Weight: 164
Bill 21 yrs

I realize there will come a point in life’s journey that I will no longer be able to pull my bodyweight up, press 100# dumbbells, and run 10 consecutive 100m dashes under 13 seconds, but with consistency and dedication at my side and Jack LaLanne as my hero, it is sure to be a gallant battle.

Success To You!