We pride ourselves as setting the standard in personal fitness instruction and setting ourselves apart as premier instructors in the industry.

This is the home site for Fitness Alliance, LLC located in Overland Park, Kansas owned by Bill Leavitt. The company was founded in 1996 and has grown to encompass all aspects of the fitness arena from Personal Training and Muscle Activation Techniques, to fitness professional education and public lectures. The goal of this site is to provide current and prospective clientele insight to the mission of Fitness Alliance, and to share vital information regarding general fitness, exercise mechanics, and food issues. My passion lies in sharing truthful, objective information and dispelling myths propagated by mass marketing companies caring or knowing nothing about true health. Beyond sharing information, we are dedicated to designing a fitness process that is personally tailored and progressed appropriately making your exercise time with us safe and effective, yet fun.

What makes Fitness Alliance Different

We pride ourselves as setting the standard in personal fitness instruction and setting ourselves apart as premier instructors in the industry based upon the following objectives:

Relying on science, scientific research, biomechanical principals, and continual study of the human body. Any fitness professional negating the importance of these topics is fooling him/herself and their clients. Knowledge of forces, and especially force application, embodies every element of the fitness industry from weight training to aerobics classes.

A commercial workout studio in a private setting. No distractions, broken-down equipment, other people’s sweat, just quality instruction and equipment.

An in-home service that is second to none. Beyond the actual workouts to provide equipment sales, Massage, Yoga, Pilates, meal service, and equipment maintenance, we offer the entire spectrum in convenience and results.

An understanding that exercise alone is not the only means to achieve one’s fitness goals. Compassion, truth, persistence dedication, positive thought energy, and most of all patience must blend together for success and lifestyle adaptation to occur.

Providing accurate information about the myths and realties offered that target the fitness industry. Gimmicks, shortcuts, magical supplements, six or seven minute workouts, and old-school bodybuilding exercises/mentality, all do more to devalue the fitness industry and frustrate those seeking a real solution to change their life. We can put this misinformation into perspective and provide successful strategies to achieve your goals.

Continuing education. Seeking out the knowledge of differing schools of thought is how one forms their own opinions and direction. No one person has all of the answers and most have at least something valuable to share to put your ideology into perspective. As part of a Mastery approach to our careers, we seek out over fifty hours each, of education each year, absorbing as much information from as many authorities in the industry as possible.

In addition: Bill Leavitt is a nationally respected teacher, lecturer author, and certification provider.

Knowledge of Orthopedics. Thanks to a few local, and highly respected surgeons, we are able to view the body form the inside as often as possible. The knowledge acquired in the operating room cannot be underestimated as it transfers directly to the business of fitness.

We make an attempt to know and associate with peers within our field. While many in the fitness industry stick to themselves, or are mavericks, we enjoy sharing information and hope for a fitness community similar to that of the medical community.

I find that so many people spend huge amounts of time and energy in their work yet forget to take care of the most important thing that they own, the vehicle of life, the human body. My goal is to help people achieve and maintain an active, pain-free lifestyle that focuses on consistent daily exercise and responsible eating habits to make everything else in life much more enjoyable.

The Fit Tips page provides articles, some that have been published nationally, containing the most up to date and correct information possible. The advice given is based upon proven scientific research and biomechanical principals, continual study of the human body, and immense trainer-client experience.

If what you are looking for is not listed, feel free to contact me and I will point you in the right direction. Check back often as new information is added frequently.