HRLB(High-Risk /Low-Benefit) Exercise of the Month

This section is meant to inform you of traditionally accepted exercises that don’t actually give you the benefits you seek, and may actually be causing more harm to your body than good. Performing exercises that are not HRLB will not only be more beneficial to your body in terms of results, but may also prevent injuries that could set you back months. In most cases, these exercises have been passed down in gyms, from generations of weightlifters who haven’t taken the time to analyze the movement in terms of biomechanics, safety, and effectiveness. It should be realized that weightlifting is no longer confined to young male bodybuilders looking only to get as big as possible, but now includes the elderly, female, and special populations as well. My job as a Fitness Professional is to promote safe and effective forms of exercise that have established guidelines and succeed in reaching the goals set out by the client. Also, I am sure that most of you who spend any amount of time working out would rather be doing exercises that give you results for the time and effort you put in.

DIPS (aka Tricep Dips / Bench Dips)

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