Cleansing is an integrated approach to health to rid the body of toxins, imbalances, environmental pollutants, and parasites. Toxins accumulate and get stored in various bodily tissues through years of poor food choices, smoking or visiting smoky locations, using prescription drugs, chemicals placed in foods or used to grow them, and poor air quality. Cleansing is simply a way for the body to eject them and flush itself out while allowing the major organs of the body, (liver, pancreas, lungs, bowels, GI tract, etc…), to rest, rejuvenate, and regenerate. Think of it as a reboot or preventative maintenance tune-up for the body. It is not meant to cure or treat any disease, condition, or ailment that you currently have, but rather provide an environment for the body to heal and repair itself and possibly prepare it to fend off attacks in the future.

Improve Your Eating Habits
A cleanse is also a good time to think about and reflect upon how you can improve your current eating habits. Maybe you are eating pretty well but are still eating or craving a few things that you know are not so good for you.
Some examples are:
Refined sugars
Refined grains (white pasta, bread, white rice, cereal, etc..)
Homogenized and pasteurized Dairy Products
Coffee (just one cup of coffee a day translates to approximately 28 gallons per year!
……over half an oil drum.)
Processed Foods (filled with chemicals whose name names you can’t pronounce)
Fast Food (loaded with trans fat and of terrible quality)
Fried Foods, Smoked Foods, Over-Grilled Foods (potentially carcinogenic)
*This list could go on and is beyond the scope of this article, but you get the picture.

Realizing that what you eating on a regular basis may be having a negative effect on your body is the first and most important step in changing them.
Eating is about consistency and thinking long term. It’s not necessarily what you eat in one day but what you eat on a daily basis that is important. Think about this: Every part of your body is composed of living cells that have the opportunity to regenerate, degradate or mutate. What you choose to put into your body has a direct effect on which path those cells take. Ingesting food or drink that provide absolutely no nutrition or benefit to the body out of habit, just for the sake of taste or because ‘everyone else does it’ are, believe it or not, contributing to the majority of your health concerns, premature aging, aches and pains, allergies, mental state, chronic muscle tension, energy level, and mood fluctuations. Foods can be like drugs and everything that is put in your mouth has a ramification on the body either beneficial or negative. The body must deal with everything put in it and the more stress you place upon it and its organs the more negatively it will react. If you indeed want to make a lifestyle change for the better, a cleanse and cleaning up your eating habits are a great way to start; a fresh beginning for the body.


Have a major health issue or disease. Seek the advice of an MD or better yet a Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) first.
Do not plan on changing your current eating habits and will return to eating the same old junk once the cleanse is concluded. It is a waste of your time and money.
Cannot commit to the time recommended of described eating and drinking requirements.
Do not have the time to rest, prepare juices, and chill out!
Are under a lot of stress.
Cannot afford or find organic fruits and vegetables, distilled water, and herbal teas.
‘Think’ you ‘need’ or ‘just can’t function without’ certain foods or drinks just because they have become ingrained habits.


Distilled Water
A Juice Extractor ($30 at Wal-Mart or Target)
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
Movie rentals
Sunlight (good for the synthesis of many vitamins and your mood!)
Parasite cleanse kit
Candida cleanse kit
Heavy metal cleanse solution


Alcohol, Caffeine, Coffee, Green Tea
Grains, All, including: oatmeal, pasta, rice, and bread
Meats, all
Tap Water
All refined sugars
Current Vitamin and mineral supplements
Dairy products

Reasons for these eliminations are:
To give the digestive system a break and allow it to move the toxins out of the body
Provide and environment where good bacteria (gut flora) can flourish and bad bacteria, parasites, and yeast overgrowth are extinguished
Eliminate cravings and stimulants
Reduce inflammation and mucus production


Any vegetable or fruit combinations you can think of to juice. Some combos are better than others so just experiment and enjoy. You will have four to six 12 oz. Glasses of juice per day. Fruit and Vegetables must be organic.
Herbal Teas, not black or green. Four or more cups daily. Find a good tea shop, or Whole Foods has plenty of concoctions
Magreeb Mint, Rooibos/Red Tea, Ginger, etc…
Nature’s Secret Parastroy Parasite Cleanse Kit.
Available at Whole Foods or Health Foods stores
GAIA Herbs Candida Vital Cleanse Program
Available at Whole Foods or Health Foods stores
Heavy Metal Detox Solution
Available from here:
*There are others available at a health food store
Not that you will go through it all, but plan on having a gallon of water available each day for drinking and tea making


I recommend doing the Parasite Cleanse first and adding in the Candida cleanse after two days. The written directions say to do the Parasite cleanse for three weeks, I feel one is fine. The written directions say to do the Candida Cleanse for two weeks, I feel one is fine. If you want to do the recommended periods that is fine also. I think that three days of juice is good to get you going and then add solid food back in slowly. Soup, eggs, fish, easy stuff on the stomach, while still avoiding the foods listed previously, plus both cleanse kits describe what foods to avoid or limit as well. I would do the Heavy Metal Detox after both of these are concluded. It is much simpler, just drops of the liquid in water and chug. It recommends three months! But I think that is extreme.
To take it one-step further, especially if you want to prove that this whole ball of wax is working to your benefit, get a hair and saliva analysis done. These tests truly tell you how much toxicity your body has stored and many other bits of information about your body’s hormonal and adrenal rhythms throughout the day. Saliva test kits are available from a NMD and Vitamin distribution companies.
Of course, just feeling better is good enough from me! And really, spend a few bucks and go visit with a Naturopathic Doctor. You will not think or eat the same ever again.

GROCERY LIST: (for your juicing extravaganza)

Carrots 10# Beets 6 med Ginger Root 2 large Apples 12-16

Tomatoes 8-10 Celery 1 bunch Garlic 1 bulb Parsley, Cilantro 1 bunch each

Mangos 3 Papaya 1 Lemons 2 lg Cabbage 1 head

Broccoli about 2# Peaches 4-6 Strawberries 2# Blueberries 2#
*I get frozen organic blueberries, thaw and keep refrigerated
*This are just ballpark figures, you may need more, less, or not like some

These guidelines and recommendations may seem a little strict or demanding to you at first, or even a little extreme. But, ask yourself these questions:
What is the most important thing that you own?
How long do you have to keep it around?
How often does it have to work?
Are a few days a year really that hard to commit to taking can of the most important thing that you own?


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-Michael Murray & Joseph Pizzorno
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